Raven’s Shadow (The Warbird, Book 2)

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The pilots of Sparrow Squadron are back.

Russia, 1943. The Red Army advances after the hard fought victory at Stalingrad, but the Nazi war machine is far from defeated. The invaders mass once again for an all-out attack.

One of those ready to face this onslaught is fighter pilot Aelya Makarova, a veteran who carries her own scars from battle. But now, her comrades need her to stand up and be a leader—whether she wants to or not.

Among those counting on her is Roza Kulik, whose exploits have transformed her into a famous fighter ace with a German bounty on her head. Now she has a chance to wipe clean the record of her family’s persecution, in a country where the wrong family history can cost you your life.

But Roza’s quest for a life free from the shadows of the past collides with Aelya’s growing responsibilities, just as a deadly new enemy stalks them in the skies.

Cover Illustration by Daria Tikhomolova

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Raven's Shadow
Raven’s Shadow (The Warbird, #2)

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